About Us

Within health care, the company develops and markets high tech, innovative products that are designed to make the patients and consumers lifesbetter. The company distributes and manufactures leading therapeutic pain, exercise, weight loss and DVT prevention systems for use by patients. The product is either prescribed by physicians or sold direct to the consumer with over the counter (OTC) products. The company has a market presence through bundling and expanding their breadth. The strategy is to maximize the distribution base by providing multiple products to the same buyers. The company is in the process of developing and/or acquiring the rights for other products related to treating and managing complications of disease and/or pain and cutting-edge OTC products to the non-prescribed customer base. The company has three distinct distribution channels with these products medical, medical billing and consumer products. The company also provides manufacturing for these types of products for a few select clients.

In general, the health care market is currently served poorly and inconsistently by a network of small distributors, which are buying from the larger companies and reselling, or by large multinational companies. These companies are slow to react to the market conditions and are bogged down in bureaucracy. The middle market area is open and provides a lot of room for growth, for companies that have the experience, relationships and knowledge. The larger businesses understand the FDA requirements and have distribution. However, they are more expensive and slower to navigate in the market. Whereas the lower tier suppliers do not have the capability or knowledge to comb their way through the FDA regulations -which gives us a competitive advantage to both the smaller and larger players in the medical market. Our advantage is that we understand the FDA regulations, can get clearance for products economically, manufacture and market in the health care space. This sets us up as a nimble faster moving company that can seize the opportunity in the market and not take years to react.

We target a specific “hot” region or product and can adapt quickly to the market dynamics. We then refine the product and the process while focusing on regional areas and then expand nationally through a network of sales professionals. This will make us the partner of choice for large, geographically diverse medical distributors with healthcare facilities, and will make us attractive to potential supplier partners. Additionally, we sell health care consumer products to major catalog companies, retailers and direct to consumers. Our product mix strategy is to seek proprietary, patented, or patent-pending products that we can control manufacturing, distribution, and pricing and navigate through the consumer market.

Within any industry, one of the fastest ways to build the business is to add complementary products to offer our product to the current customer base. The company has a line of unique proprietary patent-pending braces, TENS/EMS units, and many cutting-edge future products coming. This will make us a difference-maker not just with our lead products but will enable us to capture more sales volume from the customers we currently have a relationship. The company along with the management team have extensive experience in building businesses through growth, acquisition, and scale. This knowledge and expertise are used to maximize shareholder value. Due to their unique combined experience, management seeks opportunities with minimal risk and maximizes results.