Solving hard problems in business and especially healthcare. Has always been our focus. With seasoned management and experience we thrive on the challenge of the environment. Driven by end-to-end learning, and value-added services, we’ve earned the trust of care teams and hospital leaders around the world. Together, we’re working to help reduce total cost of care, enhance experiences for care teams and their patients—and get people back to what matters most in their lives.

Our Company


We have our ear to the ground and partner with our clients and take their input to give them real solutions in an accelerated time frame.  We have a unique proprietary patent and patent pending line to lead the industry in many categories.

Our Values

Exlites holdings International Inc Leading with cutting edge technology and innovation


EXHI has cutting edge products that separate them from the competition.


EXHI knows how to tap into opportunities that lay in the market.

Building for the future

EXHI is building a the foundation that is rock solid.


EXHI takes pride in what it makes and how it makes it to distance itself from any competition

It’s all about win win

EXHI only does business one way and that is win win – for the clients, shareholders and the workers.

Never say die

EXHI will do whatever it takes to satisfy the customer, shareholders and its community.

Our Products

We service a select few industries and clients.

We are very choosey on who we work with, we are in it for strategic long term growth for all parties involved.


we are an innovator, manufacturer and distributor of medical products that are FDA 510k, class 1 and class 2 products. As with our business objectives - medical device manufacturing is a booming industry. The world wide market was $413 billion in 2017, the United States accounted for approximately 45 percent of all sales. The industry is expected to grow at approximately 5 percent per year annually, with sales climbing to $530 billion in 2022.

Other Health care

We have patented, patent pending and proprietary product line of consumer health care products that included but not limited to weight loss, muscle toning, pain reduction, exercise and some others. We have various other joint ventures in different market segments to increase our shareholder value. We are able to purchase, partner or share distribution outlets with these companies. This activity does not take away from our core business and only helps maximize our overall strategic objectives. We have a unique ability to see and understand the market and the opportunity allowing us to be quick and nimble and maximize it for our shareholders.

Our Purpose

Exlites Holdings International Inc.

EXHI’s vision is to create innovative products and build relationships to expand our distribution. We do things different than what is traditional old school methods. We are able to maximize our relationships, distribution and products to not only increase exposure but also expand the various channels. This gives us an edge in the market because we are not stuck in a box and are nimble enough to take advantage of
market opportunities.